Facebook Statuses Girls Will Like

Facebook Statuses Girls Will Like

When dating and attracting people you need to offer value and and you can do that simply with your Facebook statuses. You can feed people education with little gems of information or lift people’s spirits with a funny or witty status. Just by your statuses you can betray that you are a funny and intellectual person by the things that you post. With posting statuses to create a self Facebook Statuses Girls Will Likeimage for others to see its important to know that you need to keep it consistent. It’s like posting one funny status every now and then the emphasis is on the status alone, as that’s a funny status. Where if you post funny statuses often the emphasis is on you now, as you are a funny guy. I was in the habit of posting a status a day or every other day.. Eventually I had people messaging me posting to my wall and statuses telling me that they thought I was a funny guy and they always enjoyed reading what I had to post. This is how I know these are Facebook statuses girls will like. And all I did was post various jokes and interesting facts that I found on twitter and various places.

Below I have listed a sample of different statuses or comment that I have used in the past on my personal Facebook account. That’s how I know these are Facebook statuses girls will like. And if you would like a continuous and up to date statues that work, follow us on twitter or Facebook. We are constantly posting great content on a regular basis! Especially around certain holidays or current events we will search for the best and most appropriate statuses or tweets, so that u can show that you are witty and up to date.



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