Dating (Pick Up) Dictionary


#close- (the number close) Get the girl’s number. Give yours if she only agrees to an exchange.

101- is a method to keep a girl attracted and interested in you by acting interested or disinterested in her irregularly.

3s Rule- (the three seconds rule) The rule that as soon as you see a girl you want to approach you should be approaching within three seconds.

Abundance Mentality- An attitude that there are many beautiful girls for each man to meet, more than can be met within a lifetime. Having the frame of mind that women are abundant

Accomplished Introduction- a glowing introduction of a friend, or wingman that adds value to his character, who then can enter the conversation with established credibility, and who can then vouch positively for you.

Active Attraction- refers to a number of states that can create natural attraction, such as lifestyle, charisma, physical build, character traits, wealth, station, and personality traits.

Active Disinterest- Actively ignoring or showing disinterest in someone, demonstrating a non-needy attitude that will peak a girls interest, and she pursues the guy instead of his having to shower her with attention.

Active Disqualification- While engaging a conversation, you disqualify yourself as a suitor to a girl who has been approached many times already by other guys.

AFC- (Average Frustrated Chump) The average guy who has no clue when it comes to women. (Term coined by Ross Jeffries)

Affirmation- Shaping a positive thought about what you want to be or accomplish and verbalizing it over and over to yourself to create that state in your real life. Affirmations are used to change old habits by replacing them with positive new habits. Affirmations are written positively, such as “I am now ….”, and are not negatively framed such as “I will no longer….”.

AI– (Approach Invitation) A sign, conscious or unconscious, that a girl will give you if she wants you to approach (i.e. strong eye contact on you)

Alliances- friends/acquaintances’ that you know in the venue that allows you to feel more confident and comfortable

Alpha- (Alpha Male)The leader of the group who generally has many of the “Alpha Traits”

Alpha Traits- (Alpha Male Traits) The combination of human characteristics that generally lead to being the Alpha

AMOG– (Alpha Male Of the Group or Alpha Male Other Guy) A socially comfortable male who competes with a pickup artist for a woman or interferes with a pickup artist’s game. 2. Verb: To remove a potential male competitor, through physical, verbal, or psychological tactics (I.e. PUA techniques) from a group of women. Alpha Male of Group, Alpha Male Other Guy, someone who is directly engaged in competition to retain or gain social status in a peer group.

Anchor- 1. An external stimulus (a sight, sound, or touch) that triggers a specific emotional or behavioral response, such as a song that makes one happy because it’s reminiscent of a positive life event. Pickup artists to associate themselves with a woman’s feelings of attraction use anchors. 2. Verb: the act of creating an association between an external stimulus and an emotional or behavioral response.

Approach Invitation- Unconscious or conscious actions by a girl to get your attention in order for you to have an (opening) opportunity to engage her in conversation.

Approach- Starting a conversation with someone who is usually a few feet (or more) away from you

ASD– (Anti Slut Defense) The maneuvers some women make to avoid taking responsibility for initiating or agreeing to sex; or in order to avoid appearing slutty to the man she is with, to her friends, to society, or to herself. This can occur before or after sex, or it can prevent sex from occurring.

BF Destroyer- (Boyfriend Destroyer) a pattern, routine, or line a pickup artist uses with the intention of seducing a woman who has a boyfriend.

BF- (Boyfriend) often also (and not mistakenly:) read as Borefriend.

Bitch shield– A woman’s defensive response to put off (guard) unknown men who approach her. Though her reaction to an opening line may be rude, this does not necessarily mean the woman herself is rude, or even impossible to engage in a conversation.

BL– (Body Language) Non-verbal communication with your body.

Blur- An occurrence in which a woman stops returning calls, although she was initially interested in the man phoning.

BT-  (Buying Temperature) The measurement of how attracted she is to you (Her BT was sky high, they loved me!)

Buying Temperature- (Term coined by Tyler Durden) the degree to which a woman is ready to make intimate physical contact with a man. Unlike attraction, a high buying temperature generally appears and fades quickly. To maintain a woman’s level of physical interest over a longer period of time, a pickup artist attempts to pump her buying temperature with fast-paced routines.

C&B- (Crash and burn) You approached and failed.

Calibrate- to read the verbal and nonverbal responses of a person or group and accurately deduce what they are thinking or feeling at that moment. (Term coined by Richard Bandler and John Grinder)

Canned Material- Using memorized lines to interact with people

CB- (cockblock) A person (girl usually) who will purposely try to stop you from having sex with her friend.

CF- (Cocky & Funny) David DeAngelo’s method of teasing girls with witty, backhanded humor.

Chick Crack- Any spiritual or psychological subject that appeals to most women but does not interest most men, such as astrology, tarot cards, and personality tests. (Term coined by Tyler Durden)

Chode- An all around lame guy 2. A needy loser (Tyler Durden)

Close- A release of tension 2. Acquiring information to allow you to continue the interaction at a later time 3. # Close, Kiss Close or F Close. Getting a girls number, kissing a girl or having sex with a girl.

Cockblock- A person who interferes with or try to temper with a pickup artist’s game, whether accidentally or on purpose. A cockblock can be a friend of the woman, a friend of the pickup artist, or a complete stranger.

Cocky Funny- The idea behind Cocky & Funny is behaving in a way that generates attraction in a woman. The cocky part of the equation involves appearing confident, and even a little sarcastic, while the funny part balances out the cockiness with humor and rapport. Combined together, C&F results in flirty interactions that involve teasing and banter, similar to the concept of Push/Pull. (Term coined by David DeAngelo)

Competences- something like a good luck penny that allows you to feel like you’re bringing some value to the table, aka more confidence. (Magic, exclusive party access, guitar, pickup line, & etc.)

Core Confidence- confidence that lies deep in your core that you carry around with you all the time.

Date Coaching- Having someone telling/showing you how to act on a date.

Dating Coach- A person who helps you learn to meet and enjoy women.

DDB– (Doggy Dinner Bowl) The look a girl gives when she is really into you.

DHV– (Demonstration of Higher Value) A routine in which the pickup artist displays a skill or attribute that raises his worth or appeals in the estimation of a woman or group. It is intended to make him stand out from the other, less interesting men in the club. Antonym: DLV (Demonstration of Lower Value).

Distance Gap- The amount of space between you and the person you are interacting with. Keeping a proper distance (or closeness) between you and the person or people you’re with is important to be aware of.

DLV- (Demonstration of Lower Value) You display that you have low value

Doggy Dinner Bowl Look- (DDB) The ‘entranced’ expression a woman gets in her eyes when she is attracted to a man who is talking to her. (Term coined by Ross Jeffries)

E-mail Close- (email close) Getting the e-mail address of the girl you’re interested in.

EC– (Eye Contact) Self-Explanatory

Eject– You stop running game on a set and leave.

Elicit Values- (EV) To draw out, through conversation; what is important to a person, usually with the intention of reaching a deep inner desire that motivates them. In terms of seduction, eliciting values may help a man determine that a woman who says she is looking for a rich husband is actually just looking for a feeling of safety and security. (Term coined by Richard Bandler and John Grinder)

F Close- (Fuck Close) Sex Time with the girl you’re interested in.

False Takeaway- See takeaway.

False Time Constraint- See time constraint.

FB- (Fuck Buddy) A girl who you continue to see just for sex.

Field– Any place where women can be picked up or used for practice.

Field Report- A detailed summary of your time sarging, it’s kind of like a journal of your sex time.

Flake- An occurrence in which a woman cancels or does not show up to a planned meeting.

Flash Game- stereotypical PUA routines (Flashy style/dress)

Fluff- To make mundane small talk, typically between two people who have just met; common subjects include where one lives, what one does for work, and general interests and hobbies.

FMAC- (Find, Meet, Attract, Close) A rudimentary, sequential model of pickup. (Term coined by Mystery)

FR- (Field Report) A detailed report of a night out sarging.

Frame- The context within which a person, thing, event, or environment is perceived. (Term coined by Richard Bandler and John Grinder)

Freeze Out- To ignore a woman to make her seek validation. Usually used as a technique to counter Last-Minute Resistance (See LMR).

Friend Zone- The friend zone is where one ends up after being LJBF’d. Generally, it is the result of building too much comfort with the target without generating any attraction. This is a common place for AFCs to end up through their supplication and approval seeking behavior.

FU- (Fuck Up) When you screw up a sarge.

GF- (Girlfriend) Self-Explanatory

GFTOW– (Go Fuck Ten Other Women) A method used to get over a one-itis in which the goal is to fuck ten other women.

GM– (Grand Master Style)

Group Theory- The idea that women are usually accompanied by friends, and to meet her a man must simultaneously win the approval of her friends while actively demonstrating a lack of interest in her. (Term coined by Mystery)

HB- (Hot Babe) simply what most guys will refer to women as in their field reports usually follow by a rank or specific name, HB9. (coined by Ross Jeffries)

Hired Guns- Female employees in the service industry who are generally recruited for their attractiveness, such as bartenders, waitresses, shot girls, and strippers. (Term coined by Mystery)

HmS Method- Method that consists essentially in affirming, without ambiguity, disbelief in the existence/possibility of TRUE men-women friendship. Its purpose is to prevent, block or destroy the “Let’s just be friends” (LJBF) statement. It can also be use as an opener or a deeper discussion topic on men-women relationships, society, hypocrisy… (Term coined by

Hook Point- The moment in a pickup when a woman (or a group) decides that she enjoys the company of a man who has recently approached her and doesn’t want him to leave. (Term coined by Style)

HP– (Hook Point)

HSE– (High Self Esteem) Self Explanatory

IOD– (Indicator of Disinterest) something, verbal or non-verbal, that indicates disinterest.

IOI- (Indicator Of Interest) a sign a woman gives a man that indirectly reveals she is attracted to or interested in him. These clues, generally unintentional and subtle, include leaning toward a man when he speaks, asking mundane questions to keep a conversation going, or squeezing his hand when he takes her hand in his. Antonym: IOD (Indicator of Disinterest). (Term coined by Mystery)

Isolate- Getting alone time with your target.

IVD- (Interactive Value Demonstration) a short routine intended to hook the attention and interest of a woman one has just met by teaching her something about herself. (Term coined by Style)

Keyboard Jockeys- guys who just stay on the computer and read about meeting women rather than going out and actually meeting women.

Kino- (From kinesthesia) To touch or be touched, generally with suggestive intent or the purpose of arousal, such as hair stroking, handholding, or hip grabbing; precedes actual sexual contact. (Term coined by Ross Jeffries)-

Kiss Close- Kissing the girl you are interested in.

KJ- (Keyboard Jockey) A person who reads the material and knows what to do, but never actually sarges.

Lightning Fingers- when a girl responds to your txt before you can put your phone down.

LJBF– (Lets Just Be Friends) A statement a woman makes generally to a man to indicate that she is not sexually or romantically interested in him at the moment. One can hear an LJBF speech or get LJBF’ed.

LJBF Destroyer- Any behavior, technique, method, routine, words that allows you to escape the Friend Zone.

LMR– (Last Minute Resistance) An occurrence, often after kissing, in which a woman who desires a man prevents him, through words or actions, from progressing toward more intimate sexual contact, such as removing her bra, putting his hand down her pants, or penetration.

LR- (Lay Report) a report about a successful lay.

LSE- (Low Self-Esteem) Used to describe a woman who is insecure and tends to engage in self-effacing or self-destructive behavior.

LTR- (Long Term Relationship) Although the length of a relationship to qualify as “long term” can not be defined, the physical and/or emotional involvement of such a relationship certainly extends beyond that of a chance encounter aka one-night-stand.

Manage Expectations- To let a woman know, before sleeping with her, roughly how committed a relationship one intends to have with her, so that she does not expect too much or too little.

Master Pick Up Artist- Someone who is considered to be so good in the art of pick up that they have reached mastery level and teach others pick up.

Melvin- (needy loser) a needy loser is the guy who chases the approval of females. He will often offer favors to females he just met, and will do all kinds of favors for a young lady who is not his friend but using him for all the things he does for her. This young man feels that the female in question owes him sex. And after a few months of working for free he realizes the futility in his efforts and just be happy the female is even around him. This man is often characterized by his brown nosing.

Micro crush- a small crush that one person has on another.

Mind Feed- an act of feeding your mind with new information.

MLTR– (Multiple Long Term Relationships) A woman who is part of a harem, or one of many girlfriends a pickup artist is currently seeing and sleeping with. Ideally, the pickup artist is honest with his MLTRs and informs them chat he is seeing other women.

MPB- (Male Pattern Blindness) Some men’s inability to recognize that a woman is attracted to and interested in him until after she leaves and it’s too late to act on it. (Term coined by Vincent)

MPUA- (Master Pickup Artist) The cream of the cream in the PUA community. A very successful, renown and praised PUA.

Natural– A person who has no knowledge of the game, but is naturally good with women.

Neg- An ambiguous statement or seemingly accidental insult delivered to a beautiful woman a pickup artist has just met, with the intent of actively demonstrating to her (or her friends) a lack of interest in her. For example: “Nice hair; is it your natural color?” -Verb: To actively demonstrate a lack of interest in a beautiful woman by making an ambiguous statement, insulting her in a way that appears accidental, or offering constructive criticism.

New Success Formula- A simple formula to describe what generates new forms of successes for you in your daily life. It can be explained with this simple equation here: new motivation + new knowledge + new confidence = new success New Success Sex Formula-A simple formula to describe what generates new forms of success for you in your daily sex life. It can be explained with this simple equation here:

Newbie Mission- An exercise designed to help shy men overcome their fear of approaching women. The newbie mission involves spending a day in a public area, such as a mall, and saying “hi” to every woman who passes by.

NLP- (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) NLP uses language patterns and metaphor to communicate with the subconscious mind enabling the patient to recover within weeks or even days as opposed to months and years when using traditional psychoanalysis.

Number Close- (# Close) Getting the number of the girl you are interested in.

Obstacle- The person or people in a group whom the pickup artist does not desire, but whom he must win over in order to run game on the woman in the group he does desire. Also see ‘Cockblock’.

One-itis- The ‘disease’ of being obsessed with one girl, even when she’s not that great.  An obsession with a girl whom one is not dating. Pickup artists believe that such an extreme fixation on one woman significantly lowers a man’s chances of dating or sleeping with her. A girl with whom one is obsessed.

ONS- (One Night Stand) Self-Explanatory

Open- Starting a conversation

Opener- A statement, question, or story used to initiate a conversation with a stranger or group of strangers. Openers may be environmental spontaneous or canned pre-scripted; and direct showing romantic or sexual interest in a woman or indirect not showing interest. The way you initiate conversation with someone

Pattern Interrupt- An unexpected word, phrase, or action performed suddenly in order to halt a person’s auto-pilot response before it’s completed, such as cutting off a woman who’s talking about her ex-boyfriend and quickly changing the subject.

Pattern- A speech, usually scripted, that is based on a series of neurolinguistic programming phrases designed to attract or arouse a woman.

Pawn– A girl you use in the club to make another girl jealous.

Peacock- Flashy or unusual clothing, items or accessories designed to attract attention.

Phase-Shift- To make the transition, during a one-on-one conversation with a woman, from ordinary talk to slower, sexually charged talk, kino or body language. This is intended to precede an attempt to kiss.

Pickup Artist- Someone who is considered to be highly skilled in the art of picking up women.

Pickup Dictionary- A glossary of terms and formulas describing the world of pick up, dating, seduction, social dynamics, etc. See: The page you are currently looking at

Pickup- Actively searching for women to have time with.

Pivot- A woman, usually a friend, used in social situations to help one meet other women. A pivot serves many functions: she provides social proof, she can create jealousy in the target, she can make it easier to open difficult sets, and she can brag about the pickup artist to his target. Also: wingwoman.

Player– Like a PUA, but doesn’t live by the ‘leave her better than you found her rule.’

Plow– Plowing is pushing through a set when you’re having trouble or getting resistance.

PU- (Pick Up) Self-Explanatory

Pua Encyclopedia- See: The page you are currently looking at

PUA- (Pick-Up Artist) Someone who has picking up girls down to an art and uses one or various pick-up techniques with a high success-rate.

Push Pull- A technique used to create or increase attraction, in which a man gives a woman indications that he is not interested in her followed by indications that he is. This sequence can take place in a few seconds (such as taking a woman’s hands and then dropping them as if you don’t trust her yet) or over time (such as being very nice during one phone conversation but then very distant and abrupt during the next one).

RAFC- (Recovering Average Frustrated Chump) Like an AFC, but knows he has a problem and is working to fix it.

Reframe- To alter the context through which someone sees an idea or situation. To change the meaning a person attributes to an idea or situation.

Routine- A story, scripted conversation, demonstration of skill, or other piece of prepared material intended to initiate, maintain, or advance an interaction with a woman or her group. Examples include the best-friends test, the evolution phase-shift, and the ESP value-demonstration.

Sarge– the act of going out and picking up women.

Set- A group of people. Often used when there is an (sexual) interest in one of the members of the group.

SHB- (Super Hot Babe) A really hot girl

Shit Test- A question, demand, or seemingly hostile comment made by a woman intended to gauge whether a man is strong enough to be a worthy boyfriend or sexual partner. If he takes the question, demand, or comment at face value, he fails and generally loses the opportunity to move forward in his interaction with her. Examples include telling him he is too young or old for her, or asking him to perform an unnecessary favor.

Shock & Awe- The technique of using highly sexualized conversation to lead straight to sexy time with your target.

Situational Confidence- having confidence in a certain situation because your comfortable in that environment.

SMS– Text message

SNL- (Same Night Lays) Same night lays (also sometimes referred to as single night lays) are when a PUA is able to f-close  a woman on the same day that he meets her. This happens most often in sexually charged “meat market” environments such as night clubs and bars, where the girls are looking to hookup, although it is possible to get SNLs during day game as well. Same night lays differ from one night stands, in that SNLs lead to further relationships beyond just one night of sex

Social Dynamics- The complex workings of how people interest with each other.

Social Proof- Being in an environment where other people are acting towards a person that proves they are a worthy or sketchy individual.

SOD- (Statement of Disinterest) A verbally spoken statement of disinterest (“I don’t like you”).

SOI- (Statement of Interest) A verbally spoken statement of interest (“I like you”).

SP- (self-point) point to yourself like put your hand on your chest or stomach for a moment. An aspect of patterning to link descriptions to yourself (example: “have you ever met someone…” while self-pointing).

SP– (Sticking Point) The point someone is having trouble with in their game.

Subcommunication- An impression, message, or effect created by a person’s mannerisms, dress, or general presence; an indirect, nonverbal form of communication generally perceived better by women than men.

Supplicate- To put oneself in a servile or inferior position in order to please a woman, such as buying her a drink or changing an opinion in order to agree with her.

Synesthesia- Literally, an overlapping of the senses, such as smelling a color; in seduction, a name given to a type of waking hypnosis in which a woman is put into a heightened state of awareness and told to imagine pleasurable images and sensations growing in intensity. The goal is to arouse her through suggestive, metaphorical talk, sensations, and imagery. Also: hyperemperia.

Takeaway- A pickup artist technique in which a man who has approached a woman and is getting along with her leaves—for as little as a few seconds or as long as a couple hours—in order to demonstrate a lack of neediness and increase her attraction to him. Also: false takeaway.

Target– The girl you want to ultimately want.

Three Second Rule- A guideline stating that a woman should be approached within three seconds of first seeing her. It is intended to prevent the man from thinking about the approach too much and getting nervous, as well as to keep him from creeping the woman out by staring at her for too long. (Term coined by Mystery)

Time Constraint- To tell a woman or a group of people that you will have to leave them soon. The purpose of a time constraint is to lessen a woman’s anxiety that a man she has just met will hang around her all night, or that she is expected to have sex with a man upon entering his house. Also: false time constraint.

Time Distortion- Originally a hypnosis term referring to a subject’s loss of awareness of how much time is passing, it also refers to the pickup technique of making a woman feel she has known a pickup artist longer than she really has. Examples of time distortion include taking a woman to several different places over the course of a night or having a woman imagine future events and adventures together. Also: future pacing or future events projection.

Trance Words- The words a person emphasizes or repeats when speaking, indicating that they have a special meaning to the speaker. Once a pickup artist knows a woman’s trance words, he may use those words in conversation to make her feel a sense of understanding and connection with him.

Triangular Gazing- A technique used directly before attempting to kiss a woman, in which, while making eye contact, a man takes several short, suggestive glances at her lips.

UG- (Ugly Girl) usually the HB’s friend and an obstacle.

WBAFC- (Way-Below Average Frustrated Chump) a man who is extremely unsuccessful with women, usually due to awkwardness, nervousness, and lack of experience.

Wing– A person who helps you pick up women. This person may or may not have any knowledge of pick up.

Wingman or Wingwoman- (Wing girl) The PUA accomplice. He/she can provide social proof to the PUA attempting to seduce his ‘target‘. He/she can make it easier to open difficult sets. He/she can engage, entertain a group or a ’cockblock’ while the PUA isolate his target… and he/she can brag (positively) about the pickup artist. That’s the commonly accepted definition of a wingwoman.

Wingmanship- The act of helping your friend get the women of their choice 2. The act of your friend helping you get the women of your choice

Wingwoman- (Wing Girl) Woman who helps and/or teaches men how to attract, seduce and keep women. Beside helping directly a PUA or any man by being alongside him, she can help INDIRECTLY by supplying you with seduction material PUA routines, PUA methods, and tips… That way you can have the best Woman’s input to get the girl without depending on anyone. Don’t forget that these girls have years of experience helping other guys getting laid.

WPUA- (Woman or Female Pickup Artist (fPUA)) It can define two different kinds of woman, depending on which team she‘s playing for. The woman who uses techniques, routines, methods to seduce, attract and keep men. The woman (Wingwoman) who teaches men how to attract, seduce and keep women.

Yes-Ladder- A persuasion technique in which a person is asked a series of basic questions designed to elicit positive answers, increasing the likelihood that the person will also respond in the affirmative to a final, open-ended question. For example: “Are you spontaneous? Are you adventurous? Would you like to have another drink somewhere else?”

ZNS- (Zero Night Stand) refers to immediate casual sex. This can occur under strong attraction and BT (buying temperature) from the target and the PUA. Alcohol also plays a part in ZNS sometimes. ZNS can occur in bars bathrooms, cars, or the PUA or girl’s, place if it is close by.