How To Kiss A Girl 2

How To Kiss A Girl

The Best Tips On How To Kiss A Girl Love is a great feeling of everyone’s life and the act of kissing plays a vital role in displaying one’s love for his beloved. Hence it is highly important for us to know exactly how to kiss a girl,…
How to Save a Marriage - Women Want Me

Tips on How to Save a Marriage

How to Save a MarriageEven if You're at the Breaking PointBy Eryk, The Exception"Life Never Seems to Go As Planned..."There are few things, if any, in life that are more rewarding than a happy marriage. Spending time with the partner of your…
Valentines Date Idea
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Valentines Date Idea

Do you want to take your valentine date on an unforgettable date and one that if done right shouldn't cost much money? If so, then I have the perfect date idea, for the situation! I came up with date idea a couple years ago, and let me tell you it's amazing fun! She will remember this date as one of her favorite dates ever! I promise!
Presents vs. Presence
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Give Her Your Presents or Presence?

So it’s that time of year, December, gift giving to everyone everywhere. You may be wondering what and how much you should buy for that special someone in your life. Don't worry I’m here to help you.Presents vs. Presence Our goal as men is to stick out in your girls mind from every other guy that has pursued her or ones that she has dated.
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Be the CEO of your Dating Life (The Business of Dating)

In almost every time you see a successful businessman it is because he is serious about his business. That means he focuses a lot of his mental thinking toward that business. And he uses some common business tactics to get to his successful level. In this post I am going to show you that if you think about your dating life as serious as the businessman with his business. And if you use the tactics that I am going to show you, you too will see great success in your personal dating life!